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Welcome to Bolour Computing - Azad Bolour’s Software Workshop

We are artisan builders with deep technical knowledge and decades of experience. We partner with you to deliver highly reliable, scalable, and evolvable business systems.

We build software by using these practices

We have been in business since 1987, and have served a variety of clients over the years.

To see a representative sample of our work, head on over to the eagerwords game site, and test your vocabulary recall against the program.

Eagerwords uses a Scala/Play/Postgresql server, and a ReactJS web client, and is deployed on AWS.

Recent Clients

Rally Health

Under contract with Artima, Inc. Spearheaded the implementation of an authorization microservice for a family of Rally’s services, in Scala, using Play and MongoDB.

GE Digital

Designed and built a composite deployer for systems composed of multiple micro-services and deployed to Cloud Foundry with emphasis on the traceability, atomicity, and performance of deployments involving multiple services.


Designed and built a real-time streaming query processing system for social media data.


Designed and built a new generation of the SeatAdvisor REST API. Upgraded SeatAdvisor’s code and tool base to facilitate automated testing and continuous integration.


Architected and led the development of a consumer-merchandise preference matching system, providing customers with shopping alerts.

For more information about Azad, please see his profile.

To contact us, please email azadbolour bolour com.

Bolour Computing.
6144 N Rockridge Blvd Oakland, CA 94618