A Crossword Game

Showcasing Scala and Haskell game servers and a React drag and drop web UI. Version 0.9.5 beta for modern browsers.

Check it out!

Drag and drop letters to form a word connected to an existing board letter (if any) and click Commit Play to play that word.

The application represents the most recent deployment of the boardgame open source project. Used as a test bed for working with different development languages and framework.


Note. The game may evolve over time based on user experience.


You may wish to install a dictionary plugin in your browser to easily search for the meanings of words played by the machine.

Make sure the status field below the board is visible.

The starting player is chosen at random to be the user or the machine.

The board's dimension is configurable through the URL query parameter dimension. Valid values are odd numbers between 5 and 25 inclusive.

The game's letter tray capacity is configurable through the URL query parameter tray-capacity (in the range [3 .. 15]).


The game's dictionary is based on:

http://www.gutenberg.org/files/3201/files/CROSSWD.TXT -

a comprehensive list of common English words.

But from time to time, you'll run into a common word that is not in the dictionary.

Please add issues and ideas for improvment (including any missing common words in the dictionary) to the issues list.


Thanks to oceanpark.com.

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